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Class Schedule

Below you can see our schedules of our instructors, as well as a button to download your own pdf copy!

22-23 Bonnie Sched.jpg

Bonnies Class Schedule

22-23 Kim, Kota, Jen Schedule.png

Kim, Dakota & Jenna's Class Schedule

Combination Classes Consist of Tap and Ballet for Students in Pre-K through 1st Grade

2nd & 3rd Grade will consist of Tap, Ballet & Jazz

For all Students 4th Grade and Up, The Combination class will Consist of Tap, Jazz and Lyrical

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


  • Pre-K Combo

  • K/1st Grade Combo

  • 2nd/3rd Grade Combo

  • 4th/5th Grade Combo

  • Middle School Combo

  • High School Combo

  • College Combo

  • Adult Combo

Opening & Finale:

Class Requirements:

Enrolled in Middle or High School Combination


Opening and Final Dance in the Recital


Level 4

Level 5


Depends on Age, Ability and Experience

Each Class Includes: 2 Dances


Each Class Includes:

3 Dances

Middle School Contemporary


High School Contemporary

Technique & Strength:

This Class Includes: 2 Dances

Styles of the Dance Varies per year

Advanced Jazz:

This Class Includes:

1 Jazz Dance & 1 Broadway Jazz Dance

Adult Hip-Hop/Street Jazz (2 Dances)

Acro & Advanced Acro:

Each Class Includes: 2 Dances

Ballet: Intro to Pre Pointe (2nd-5th Grade)

Pre-Pointe (4th-6th Grade)

Pointe (7th Grade and up)


Each Class Includes: 2 Dances

Praise Team:

2nd-6th Grade Praise Team

7th Grade and Up Praise Team

Adult Praise Team

Each Class Includes: 2 Dances





Mommy & Me:

And Mommy or Daddy & Son

Each Class Includes: 2 Dances

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